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The 30+ person team at Jaxon's downtown Los Angeles factory represents a unique view into the resurgence of domestic furniture production.

Over the last twenty years as most of the furniture production in the United States moved overseas Victoria Richter kept making her furniture in Los Angeles. Many of the faces you'll see on the floor of the factory are the same ones you would have seen 10 or 20 years ago still working for the Richter family.

If you walk through the factory you may start with Lorenzo and his wood cutting team, if you stopped by during lunch you may be able to sit in on a hand of Rummy. As you continue upstairs the music changes from Mariachi to Modern Pop. Ciro and Ruben will smile and wave, holding up their 18" fabric sheers as they lead the cutting team. Wave politely to Marta and her sewing team as you head back downstairs to upholstery. Jorge and Marlon don't have time to talk as they lead the upholstery team to finish today's work before it's time to go. If you have time stop by the casegoods department where Julio, Hinaro, and Ciro lead their teams in making the best dining and coffee tables in California (just make you wear a mouth mask and goggles as it gets quite dusty).

No need to be anonymous, if you've really appreciated a piece the team has made or just like the work they do let them know.

Note that the "tip" will be provided the day after your purchase (we start early at the factory!). Your order is not actually a tip as to not incur any taxes for the builders. This is a product you are buying from Jaxon who will then supply goods to their employees.


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3-6 Weeks


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