Trade Discount Program

Jaxon has long been an iconic stop for interior designers and set decorators here in Los Angeles. Since launching our website in 2013, we are excited that we can now extend this service to the trade, nationwide.

"To-the-trade" refers to a store that sells goods to members of the professional trade. In the case of Jaxon Home, we are referring to members of the architectural, interior design or building industry. In order to purchase an item at a showroom or trade mart you’ll either need to be accompanied by a member of the trade (who will purchase the item on your behalf) or you will need to present a document that says you are excluded from taxation (a tax ID number).

To get started with trade pricing please fill out the form below and instructions on purchasing will be emailed to you.

What is my discount?

Discount Spend Required Retail Spend Equivalent
20% $0 $0
30% $5,000 $7,143
40% $10,000 $16,667

All designers start with a 20% discount but that can extend to 40% based on spend, see table above. For example if you put together an order with a retail total of $16,667 it will qualify for a 40% discount as the actual spend will be over $10,000.

What does my discount apply to?

Your designer discount applies to all furniture as seen on our website. In addition any custom quoted furniture will be presented with the retail price and your discounted price.

Basically, your discount applies to everything we make!

How do I request custom quotes?

You can request custom quotes by sending an email to You can expect a quote within 24 hours.

When sending a request be sure to include:

  • Photo or drawing of piece
  • Dimensions
  • Material (if COM please indicate if there is a pattern, if you’d like us to source the material but haven’t made up your mind just indicate that)
  • When piece is needed

Is there a price list?

There sure is. You can download our price list here (please email for price list).

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Nope. All Trade orders are sales tax exempt.

Is shipping included in my price?

Shipping is not included in your price.

You may arrange shipping yourself, but we prefer that you use our extensively vetted preferred vendors. If you use one of our vendors we will happily coordinate the pick up, create your BOL, and notify you with tracking once the item has left our factory.

You can request quotes from our preferred shippers at

How do I arrange shipping?

Once you have requested quotes using you can simply email us and tell us which carrier you’d like to use and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you are using your own carrier you can direct them to our factory address below (that has a loading dock with a forklift). Once you have arranged your own pick up you must email with a BOL, any other relevant paperwork, and what time we should expect the pick up.

Loading dock open 7:30am - 3:30pm M-F
Coda Industries
5715 McKinley Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90011

How do I join the designer program?

You simply need to fill out the form at the top of this page. After we receive your request we may ask for a copy of your reseller license.

How do I request fabric, leather, and finish samples?

Either of our trade managers will be able help you find the perfect materials for your project. We work with a dozen fabric houses and the best tannery in the country. This gives us thousands of materials to choose from. Email or and let them know what you are looking for.

You can also use our Swatch Request form, however this is limited to our most popular materials.

Can I use my own fabric or leather (COM)?

You definitely can. Feel free to ask us about yardage or sq ft requirements before purchasing your materials. Once you have finalized your order you can send the materials directly to our factory below. Be sure to sidemark the material with either your order number or last name (or both!).

Coda Industries
℅ COM Dept.
5715 McKinley Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90011

Can I buy your furniture wholesale?

We do offer wholesale pricing to stocking dealers and websites with monthly impressions over 1MM. For further details please contact


Jaxon Home

(310) 836-5900

8884 Venice Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90034



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3-6 Weeks


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